Hydroponic Programs and Methods Defined


Hydroponics is a technique of rising crops in water with out the necessity for soil. The crops may be fed in numerous strategies utilizing mineral nutrient options. ‘Hydro’ is Greek for water and ‘ponos’ is Greek for labor. Terrestrial crops may be grown with both a mineral nutrient resolution or typically in an inert medium equivalent to mineral wool or gravel.

There are six principal kinds of hydroponic programs, as an summary these are:

· Aeroponic – this methodology entails rising crops in an enclosed atmosphere with the assistance of vaporised vitamins.

· Drip – this methodology makes use of a development tray which is suspended on prime of a reservoir, which is full of water and nutrient options. A pump positioned within the reservoir is then related to the expansion tray, delivering vitamins by way of brief ‘drips’

· Flood and Drain (aka Ebb & Movement) – on this methodology, crops rising in particular person blocks in a big shallow tray. The tray is flooded with nutrient resolution till the roots are moist after which the tray is drained to permit air.

· NFT (Nutrient Movie Method) – this methodology requires a continuing quantity of vitamins that flows by way of a pipe over the roots after which again to the vitamins reservoir. The roots of the crops are suspended in air whereas the nutrient resolution sprays over the roots, known as a skinny movie.

· Water Tradition – on this methodology, crops are suspended in a Styrofoam platform which floats on prime of a container full of water and nutrient options.

· Wick system – this methodology is the only of all hydroponic programs. It has no transferring elements and this technique consists of a nursery pot, a rising medium and a ‘wick’.

The Aeroponic System defined:
Aeroponics is technically totally different to hydroponics nonetheless that is generally known as one other hydroponic system. The explanation that aeroponics is technically totally different is as a result of crops roots being airborne or suspended. It is a very superior approach which required diligent consideration.

The roots of the crops are misted with vitamins. The pump pushes the nutrient resolution by way of the system to mist the roots while with the roots being airborne or suspended, optimum oxygen is offered. Because of the fixed care and a focus that this technique requires, the extra exact your operation is, the higher the outcomes can be.

Much like Nutrient Movie Method (NFT) programs, the nutrient resolution used for the aeroponics programs are analyzed, elevated and reused. Some aeroponics programs will mist the roots in cycles whereas others repeatedly mist the roots.

The Hydroponic Drip system defined:
Drip programs are a quite common methodology of hydroponics. The drip programs are generally used for business use, together with frequent long run crops equivalent to peppers and tomatoes. Drip programs function in a quite simple means.

A Nutrient resolution is dripped onto the bottom of the crops the place it could then trickle by way of the develop media and onto the roots. As soon as the nutrient resolution has reached the roots, it then drains into the reservoir the place it’s then reused. Drip programs present loads of aeration as a result of the crops roots are by no means completely submerged however these additionally by no means dry out as a result of steady feed from the system.

The Flood and Drain hydroponic system defined:
The flood and drain system is also called the Ebb and Movement system. These programs are media primarily based hydroponic programs, which implies that the crops are grown in a tray full of moisture retaining materials referred to as ‘rising mediums’. The explanation this hydroponic system is named flood and drain is as a result of the planting tray is usually flooded with nutrient wealthy water. The rising medium soaks up the nutrient resolution and the surplus drains (or ebbs) into the reservoir. Throughout the draining/ebb course of, air can be drawn down across the plant roots offering extra oxygen.

The flood and drain course of is managed with a pump and timer. The simplicity and effectiveness of the Flood and Drain, also called Ebb and Movement programs, is the explanation why these are the commonest selection for do-it-yourself programs.

The Nutrient Movie Method (NFT) hydroponic system defined:
Nutrient Movie Method is likely one of the most widespread and broadly used hydro strategies, globally. Cultivating and rising crops and greens in an NFT hydro system is a really environment friendly and produces elevated crop yields when executed correctly.

NFT is a hydroponic methodology that focuses skinny streams or ‘movies’ of resolution over the crops roots. As the skinny stream or movie of nutrient resolution passes over the roots they soak up the vitamins out of the water – providing you with a really efficient, soil-less rising methodology.

NFT is usually chosen as a way of economic rising as a result of productiveness of this technique. A variety of greens and crops may be grown in an NFT system, together with some as various as lettuce and tomatoes.

The Water Tradition hydroponic system defined:
The water tradition system is one other type of hydroponics which entails suspending the crops above a nutrient resolution however the roots of the crops are absolutely submerged within the nutrient wealthy water under. This methodology supplies easy accessibility to the nutrient resolution and likewise a wholesome provide of oxygen.

The Wick hydroponic System defined:
The wick system is the only kind of hydroponic system to make use of and that is very straightforward to construct your self. There aren’t any transferring elements to this technique and all you want is a rising tray and a water reservoir. This technique can be utilized with numerous rising mediums and the nutrient resolution is absorbed into the medium, from the reservoir by the wick. One factor to bear in mind is that, being such a easy meeting, should you want to develop a plant which consumes massive quantities of water then the wick might fail to ship this successfully.


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