Difference and Similarities Between Panasonic BLF19 vs. BLK22 Batteries and Their Chargers

Difference and Similarities Between Panasonic BLF19 vs. BLK22 Batteries and Their Chargers

Panasonic has a reputation for producing high-quality cameras and accompanying accessories, including batteries and chargers. Among their offerings, the Panasonic BLF19 and BLK22 batteries stand out, each designed to power different models of their Lumix cameras. This blog delves into the differences and similarities between these two battery models and their chargers, providing a comprehensive guide for Panasonic camera users.

Overview of Panasonic BLF19 and BLK22 Batteries

Panasonic DMW-BLF19


The BLF19 battery is commonly used in several of Panasonic's mirrorless camera models, including:

- Lumix GH3

- Lumix GH4

- Lumix GH5

- Lumix GH5S

- Lumix G9


- Voltage: 7.2V

- Capacity: 1860mAh

- Energy: 13.4Wh

- Chemistry: Lithium-ion

- Weight: Approximately 95g

 Panasonic DMW-BLK22


The BLK22 battery powers more recent models in the Lumix series, particularly the full-frame mirrorless cameras but also supports models where BLF19 is used:

- Lumix S1

- Lumix S1R

- Lumix S1H

- Lumix S5

- Lumix GH5

- Lumix GH5S

- Lumix G9


- Voltage: 7.2V

- Capacity: 2200mAh

- Energy: 16Wh

- Chemistry: Lithium-ion

- Weight: Approximately 95g

Similarities Between BLF19 and BLK22

  1. Voltage: Both batteries operate at 7.2 volts, ensuring compatibility with the power requirements of their respective camera models.
  2. Chemistry: Both utilize lithium-ion technology, known for its efficiency, longevity, and ability to hold charge well over time.
  3. Weight: The batteries are nearly identical in weight, each approximately 95 grams, ensuring that they do not add unnecessary heft to your camera setup.
  4. Build Quality: Both batteries are constructed with the high standards typical of Panasonic products, providing reliability and durability.

Differences Between BLF19 and BLK22

  1. Capacity and Energy:

   - BLF19: 1860mAh (13.4Wh)

   - BLK22: 2200mAh (16Wh)

   The BLK22 has a higher capacity and energy rating, offering longer usage times between charges. This makes it particularly advantageous for extended shooting sessions, especially in power-hungry full-frame cameras.

  1. Compatibility:

   - The BLF19 is tailored for the Micro Four Thirds system cameras like the GH and G series.

   - The BLK22 is designed for the newer full-frame S series, which typically have higher power demands.

  1. Design and Size:

   - Although similar in weight, the dimensions of these batteries might slightly differ to fit the specific battery compartments of the different camera models. The BLK22 is generally a bit larger to accommodate its higher capacity.

Chargers for BLF19 and BLK22

DMW-BTC10 Charger (for BLF19)


- Compatibility: Specifically designed for BLF19 batteries.

- Input: 100-240V (50/60Hz)

- Output: 8.4V, 0.65A

- Charging Time: Approximately 2.5 hours for a full charge.

- Indicator: LED indicators to show charging status.

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DMW-BTC15 Charger (for BLK22)


- Compatibility: Tailored for BLK22 batteries.

- Input: 100-240V (50/60Hz)

- Output: 8.4V, 1.2A

- Charging Time: Approximately 2 hours for a full charge, slightly faster due to the higher output.

- Indicator: LED indicators to display the charging status.

(Try out Hridz BLK22 Dual Charger to fast charge your BLK22 Batteries)

Similarities Between Chargers

  1. Universal Input Voltage: Both chargers support a wide range of input voltages (100-240V), making them suitable for international use without the need for voltage converters.
  2. LED Indicators: Both models include LED lights to indicate charging status, providing a clear and easy way to know when your battery is fully charged.
  3. Build Quality: Consistent with Panasonic’s reputation, both chargers are robust and reliable.

Differences Between Chargers

  1. Output Current:

   - BTC10: 0.65A output.

   - BTC15: 1.2A output, allowing for faster charging times.

  1. Charging Time:

   - The BLK22's charger (BTC15) charges its battery slightly faster than the BTC10 charges the BLF19 due to its higher output current.

  1. Design Adjustments: Each charger is designed to fit its respective battery perfectly, ensuring optimal contact and charging efficiency.


While both the Panasonic BLF19 and BLK22 batteries share many similarities, such as voltage and weight, they differ significantly in capacity and the camera models they support. The BLK22’s higher capacity makes it more suitable for the power-intensive demands of full-frame cameras. Correspondingly, their chargers, while similar in many respects, differ in output currents and charging times, with the BTC15 providing faster charging for the higher-capacity BLK22 battery.

Understanding these differences and similarities can help you make informed decisions about your camera gear, ensuring you have the power you need for your photography or videography sessions. Whether you are using the versatile GH series or the powerful S series, Panasonic’s batteries and chargers are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern photographers and videographers.

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