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Explore our premium range of video lighting kits and equipment, perfect for both professional and amateur videographers. Our collection includes a variety of lighting solutions designed to enhance your video production, whether you're creating content for commercials, independent films, or social media platforms.

Our video lights feature advanced options like RGB Video Light, Dimmable LED lights, Video Light, COB Light, RGB Light Bar, LED Video Light, and LED Studio Light for video. Each product is crafted to meet the diverse needs of videographers, ensuring you can achieve the perfect lighting setup for any project.


What are examples of essential video lighting equipment for shooting professional video?

For professional video shooting, your lighting needs will vary based on your filming location. Outdoors with ample natural light might require minimal artificial lighting. However, for indoor shoots, a three-light setup comprising a key light, fill light and background light is commonly recommended. To further enhance the background behind your main subject, an additional background light can be beneficial.

How do I choose which video lighting equipment to buy?

Choosing the right video lighting equipment depends on the type of content you plan to create, your filming locations, and the desired lighting effects. For close-up shots during online streaming, a single LED Video Light may suffice. For more complex scenes in short films featuring multiple characters, investing in comprehensive lighting setups such as RGB Light, Dimmable LED lights, or a COB Light can yield superior results. Remember, to achieve cleaner and more vibrant images, adding more light is key!

What are the best video lighting equipment brands in Australia?

When selecting video lighting equipment, consider top brands like Hridz, Aputure, Manfrotto, Litepanels, Godox, Lastolite, BBS, Xlitre, Nanlite, and Phottix. These brands are known for their high-quality products, whether you need a specialized on-camera video light or versatile LED studio lights for video production and chroma-key applications.

Elevate your video production with our exceptional video lighting kits and equipment, designed to meet all your creative needs.

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