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Hridz NB-2L Dual Charger For Canon NB2LH EOS 350D 400D G7 G9 ZR100 ZR200

Hridz NB-2L Dual Charger For Canon NB2LH EOS 350D 400D G7 G9 ZR100 ZR200

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Hridz NB-2L Dual Charger For Canon NB-2LH EOS 350D 400D G7 G9 ZR100 ZR200 S50 S60 S70 S80

Best Replacement for the original Battery charger

Charger Type: Dual LCD USB Charger

Package Contents:

1 x USB Charger
1 x Micro USB charge cable

Compatible with:

for Canon Digital Rebel XT,PC1018
for Canon EOS SeriesEOS 350D, EOS 400D,EOS Kiss Digital N,EOS Kiss Digital X,EOS Digital Rebel XT,EOS Digital Rebel Xti
for Canon PowerShot G SeriesPowerShot G7, PowerShot G9for Canon PowerShot S SeriesPowerShot S30, PowerShot S40,PowerShot S45, PowerShot S50, PowerShot S60, PowerShot S70,PowerShot S80
for CANONCanonFV500,CanonHG10,CanonHV20,CanonHV30
for Canon DC300 SeriesDC301,DC310,DC320,DC330
for Canon Elura SeriesElura40MC,Elura50,Elura60,Elura65,Elura70,Elura80,Elura85,Elura90
for Canon FVM SeriesFVM20,FVM30,FVM100,FVM200
for Canon iVIS SeriesiVISDC300,iVISHG10,iVISHV30
for Canon MD SeriesMD100,MD101,MD110,MD111,MD120,MD130,MD140,MD150,MD160,MD215,MD225,MD235,MD245,MD255,MD265
for Canon MV SeriesMV5,MV5i,MV5iMC,MV6iMC,MV790,MV800,MV800i,MV830,MV830i,MV850i,MV880X,MV880Xi,MV890,MV900,MV901,MV920,MV930,MV940,MV950,MV960
for Canon MVX SeriesMVX20i,MVX25i,MVX30i,MVX35i,MVX40,MVX40i,MVX45i,MVX200,MVX200i,MVX250i,MVX300,MVX330i,MVX350i
for Canon Optura SeriesOptura30,Optura40,Optura50,Optura60,Optura400,Optura500
for Canon ZR SeriesZR100,ZR200,ZR300,ZR400,ZR500,ZR600,ZR700,ZR800,ZR830,ZR850,ZR900,ZR930,ZR950

And more compatible cameras will be listed.
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